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Collin Edwards talks about the power of prayer

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Collin Edwards
Edwards: Faith without works is dead. You must have the ‘God-will’ faith and seek out the opportunities because they won’t fall into your lap.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1

Collin Edwards, like many students leaving high school, wanted to pursue tertiary level education but lacked the resources to do so. He was also unable to secure a loan to finance his studies.

But though his story began like many, Edwards had a different ending.

"It was the middle of August. I got up one morning and I had met a group of people who calls themselves, 'The Anointed by Christ Ministry'. They taught me how to pray using God's Promises and to pray strategically.

"That same morning I got up, prayed and went on campus (UWI). There I found out about an office that helped students with tuition. It was this office I got the first $50,000 to start school," Edwards revealed.

The young man marvelled as he recounted the miraculous encounter.

"The lady in the office also made me apply for meal subsidiary bursaries which would allow me to receive free meals daily. This was the same day I prayed! Everything happened in one day!

I never stopped praying and believing," he said.

Edwards told Family and Religion that it was at this time he learned about faith and that he had to have the "God will" faith as opposed to the "God can" faith.

"The second fifty thousand came from my sister who I had not spoken to me, but showed up one day and gave it to me. I only had $100,000, but somehow I was allowed to sit my exams, see my grades and register for semester two. This is very unusual at UWI. God was working and I was still praying," he said.

got part-time job

The then-budding prayer warrior revealed that he received a part-time job which helped him to pay the rest of his tuition subsequent to praying and asking for one.

The same day he learned about the JAMVAT programme which later assisted in financing his second year at the university.

"My supervisor, Brenda Hinkson, was resigning and she called me into her office and told me that she is going to give me $50,000 for tuition even though I didn't ask her. That's grace mixed with a whole lot of favour!

"I still had the meal bursaries therefore I was still not paying for food," Edwards shared.

Things were running smoothly but then came his hardest battle - final year.

According to Edwards, "I started to go out to various agencies but was unable to get help with my tuition. I was also denied a large sum from an organisation who had promised to give me $80,000, but I prayed what I call an 'Anyway Prayer' and then I began getting call-backs."

Edwards testified that he got so much money that his tuition and miscellaneous fees were covered and he was reimbursed approximately $100,000 from the institution.

"David said it best, 'I was young and now I'm old, never have I seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread'.

"God lead me to the right person at the right time and he allowed them to sew into my life thus providing me with a degree that I worked hard to achieve," he shared.

The now grateful graduate of the UWI encourages others to activate their faith in Christ.

"Faith without works is dead. You must have the 'God-will' faith and seek out the opportunities because they won't fall into your lap. 'Knock and it shall be open, seek and ye shall find'.

"Also, pray effectual prayers! These are prayers using the promises of God. 'A thousand cattle on the hill belongs me!' 'The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want!' 'God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all which we can ask or think!' Prayers like these.

"And don't limit God because when you do you limit the power for Him to work over your life," he advised also adding that one needs to live holy and live for God," he ended.