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Evangelist Aleacha Sweeting – Saved from the occult world to minister

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS Evangelist Aleacha Sweeting, saved by the blood.

Evangelist Aleacha Sweeting is today passionate about her serving with the Born Again Deliverance Ministries. She is also the president and founder of a non-profit organisation called Reach Out and Touch Somebody - an organisation that was formed out of her compassion for the lost and the hungry.

"I would find myself visiting homes to tell others about Christ and what he's done for me, leading persons to Christ, but I left them with spiritual food - the word of God and tracks to read, but physically, they were hungry, and had no food to eat or grocery in their cupboards. I knew a lot of persons who were in the grocery business and so I started to reach out to them to help me to help others and that's how Reach Out and Touch Somebody was formed," she said of the hunger-relief programme which caters to those who are in need of food, clothing, and counselling.

Her ministry has now taken her throughout the United States, Haiti, and other areas in the Caribbean.

Ironically, there was a time when she was involved in ministry ... but the wrong kind and today, she is thanking God for being delivered from a life of occultism.

Born in The Bahamas, Sweeting grew up in St Ann, Jamaica with her mother, stepfather, and other siblings.

"Though born in The Bahamas, I didn't know anything about The Bahamas or any of my family in The Bahamas. My mom and I weren't close and so we didn't talk about a lot of things. And there were just some questions I didn't ask," she said.

With both her mother and stepfather owning businesses, she found herself home alone a lot.


"At an early age, I came to realise I had the gift of dreaming and interpreting dreams, and so by the time I began to share my dreams with others, I would find out that it would be very fascinated to not just them but to me also."

Sweeting got baptised in her early teens before going off to a boarding school.

It was while in boarding school, she met an older lady who forever changed the course of her life - she introduced her to the occult world.

"The moment I said yes was the moment I had opened my spirit to everything the devil had to offer. I began to read Tarot cards and started to dabble the occult. I was even able to build my own client base," shared Sweeting.

She got so deep into it that she became a professional. She lost interest in all else. She had people consulting her, she was making money and with it came lack of interest in school.

Her mother saw the changes, but wrongly assumed she was taking drugs. At the time, she didn't care what others thought as she was so consumed by the practice.

"I didn't really care because my love for everyone had gone and I was so consumed by the life of the occult that it was sucking me in more by the day."

At age 16, her mother brought her back to The Bahamas, but she did not let go of her occult practice, she kept at it until her initiator got to her again.

When she became an adult, Sweeting started to share with others what she was really involved in and it was then her Christian friends started telling her it was wrong.

In 2007, after doing some of her biggest readings in her life, she came home tired, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

"And for the first time in my life, I didn't want to do any of what I was doing anymore. There was a strong conviction going on within me, one that no one who knew that side of me would have understood, and so I had turned to someone for help, who later sent me to a lady minister."

Instead of guiding her to Christ and helping her through her confused emotions, she wanted Sweeting to teach her about the magical spells and witchcraft.

It was a big disappointment for Sweeting who was expecting something else.

She then turned to the God she gave her life to when she was 13 years old and started praying for deliverance and mercy and for her to get a job so she could have less time to indulge in what she didn't want to do.

Her breakthrough finally came when she not only got involved in a good ministry, but also found a job that allowed her to see her way through.

It was a struggle letting go of the occult lifestyle, but she eventually threw away the Pentagram she wore around her neck as well as the other stuff she still carried in her bag.

"[It was] that very afternoon that my life had begun to change and it was there that I made a commitment with God that I would never look back, once he took me through. Yes I had a lot of ups and downs, I had many fights spiritually, I was rejected, ostracised , criticised and looked down at, I had a lot of sleepless nights, many attacks from the enemy. But I had made up in my mind that He would see me through," she shared.

Sweeting is now partnering with several like-minded women under the moniker SUPHER - Sisters United For Prayer, Healing, Empowerment and Restoration, which includes Marie Berbick, Maria Azan, Frederica Berbick and Dr Maloney Hunter, among others.

Sweeting gives motivational talks to hurting women/young girls all over the world, ministering to them, to let them know they are loved and cared for. To show them love, care, and understanding through their experiences and the word of God, she said.