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Gov't Senator calls campaign finance bill a waste of time

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 9:23 AM
Government Senator Lambert Brown says the proposed national campaign fund is a piped dream.

Government Senator Lambert Brown has said the proposed national campaign fund is a piped dream.

The campaign finance bill contains a provision for a National Election Campaign Fund to be established allowing individuals, companies and other entities as well as the Jamaican Diaspora group to participate in the electoral process.

Calling the bill a "feel good piece of legislation" and a "waste of parliamentary time" Brown said that it is impractical in many respects and in other instances unconstitutional.

Knocking the proposal for the Campaign Fund saying none has worked in the world, Brown said setting up one is a fantasy.

Tom Tavares Finson, an opposition senator and member of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica said that businesses and individuals have said they would contribute to election campaigns if such a fund existed.

However, Brown retorted: "They also said they would pay the workers more if they make more profit but it hasn't happened".

The bill proposes that the money in the Fund shall be disbursed to candidates within 180 days after an election is held for the purpose of reimbursing expenses incurred by the candidates in their election campaigns.