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Youth ministry to roll out social intervention initiatives

Published:Sunday | January 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna giving words of advice to students of the Breadnut Hill Primary School recently.

Come Friday, the Ministry of Youth and Culture will introduce a new programme designed to help in the personal development of Jamaica's youths.

Since 2012, the ministry has impacted and trained more than 51,000 young people through its programmes at the Youth Information Centres (YIC), the National Youth Service, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and other cultural agencies.

Now the ministry plans to focus on the personal development of young people in areas such as health and wellness, social graces and etiquette, social media practices, wardrobe presentation, skincare, public speaking, self-discipline, self-motivation, and critical thinking.

According to Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna, the decision to focus on these issues resulted from her day-to-day interactions with young people.

"Based on my interactions on the corners and in the schools, I have seen that the lack of exposure and low self-esteem are hindering many young people," said Hanna.

"Our Jamaican youth have tremendous talent; what they lack is the right attitude, discipline and value system. In a number of instances, their low self-esteem have led many, especially our young girls, to get involved unconsciously in dangerous practices that led them into abusive relationships," added Hanna.

She argued that many of the young people have developed deluded concepts of what they need to do in order to become successful.

"Many of them don't have persons to help with guidance and mentorship in these areas, and that is why as the youth minister I am leading this charge. Once we help to correct their low self-confidence, we will produce more well-rounded and outstanding citizens who would have developed a renewed level of positive self-image and identity," said Hanna.




According to Hanna, the programmes and activities that are offered by her ministry have aided many young people; however, the ministry has realised that it needs to go further and more practical in solving various social issues.

On Friday, the ministry will host its first training course on health and wellness at its offices in New Kingston with a group of 30 young persons, while each YIC will conduct monthly sessions.

In addition, there will be a social-media campaign running throughout each month, giving young people the opportunity to learn from the videos uploaded from the various sessions that will be conducted.

Hanna said in an effort to save valuable resources, the minister will conduct the training and the sessions at its head office in New Kingston, with a host of volunteers.

Each monthly session will be used to empower and encourage the nation's youth to mature into their best selves.

The youth minister said over the years the ministry has sought new and innovative ways of addressing the issues affecting young people and, therefore, the roll-out of these initiatives should come as no surprise.

Persons interested in attending the courses being held at the ministry are being asked to register online.