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14 Apps Worth Trying in 2016

Published:Monday | January 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM



1. Duolingo


Take up a language this year or make it a goal to learn a new dialect just for learning sake. You don't even need to sign up for classes at a school that will cost you way more than you want to spend. The Duolingo mobile application is an easy language educator that makes it fun to do translations and learn everyday phrases. The free language courses offered are Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. It is available on all mobile platforms.


2. SnapChat


This mobile application is a billion things compiled into one big thing. It's not just for persons that like to snoop into the happenings of another, major companies have also join the SnapChat movement. Users can keep up to date with the world news, learn new how-to's daily while entertaining themself.


3. Netflix


All three mobile platforms, i.e. Android, Windows and Apple are able to download and install the Netflix application on the various devices. Netflix is one of the most popular, consistent movie-streaming website and service providers. The app has an average 4.5 out of 5 stars on all App stores with over 500,000 downloads even with the cost attached for yearly subscription.


4. Amazon Kindle


E-readers are becoming common among book lovers young and old. The Kindle app is a necessity for a reader on-the-go especially Android mobile phones and tablets users. Users can download books for free from the Kindle library as well as preview books before making a purchase. Other features including the audio support, built-dictionary and direct links to Google make the mobile application easier to use.


5. SoundCloud


SoundCloud has been known as the website and application for determined artistes to share new tracks, rhythms or small productions. However it is also an avenue for business to share audio advertisements, entertainment entities to market tracks, offers or give potential customers an idea of the environment in which their services are marketed through audio uploads. Users can search favourite genres, artiste, producer or disc jockey by registering for SoundCloud by downloading the app and logging in via Facebook or Google+. Approximately 2 million users have rated the mobile app on Google Play


6. Google Keep


All notes stored within Google Keep whether in image format, text, or audio files can be synchronized across all Android device through the mobile application. It serves as a note-taking app and reminder. Users can colour code notes similar to a filing system.


7. Storage Cleaner Pro


The cache can take up a lot of memory on smartphones. On a Windows mobile device the cache memory may be disregarded until a notification appears telling the user there is no space available to store a new selfie or download a file. Storage Cleaner Pro is free and helps to monitor memory issues, to remove unwanted files and keep the cache memory clean.


8. SideChef


Familiarise yourself with the kitchen, learn about new foods or a specific meal and how to prepare it from start to finish. Try the SideChef mobile application that has inspired dish ideas and an audio guide that makes it easier to work in the kitchen without having to handle the mobile device. The app has a built-in timer system and videos of various preparation methods and meal ideas.


9. WordBrain


This year add a game to your phone. Preferably one that is not only entertaining but challenges the mind. WordBrain is on all three platforms, that is, iOS, Android and Windows. It helps stimulate brain function through the word scramble and search features. The puzzles are also available in 15 languages with over 500 levels per language. There are many other puzzle game apps that do the same.


10. FotoRus


The application developers describe as "the all-in-one photo app you will ever need". FotoRus has a camera option to take photos in an auto-beauty setting meaning it edits the image before it is actually taken. To remove blemishes and soften the texture of the skin. Or users can take a photo and edit it after; options such as adding filters, enhancing the image, basic editing, adding stickers or texts, creating collages in creative forms are all included in the mobile app.


11. Seven


"Seven" or 7 Minute Workout is an intense health and fitness mobile application. It challenges users to exercise for seven minutes of every day by participating in various routines. The app shows basic techniques with an on-screen animated model that does the exercise within a timeframe displayed on screen. There are also intervals of rest where "Seven" prepares the user for the next exercise by telling him or her what's next. The 7 Minute Workout app will remind you with a whistle notification every day that it is time to exercise.


12. TuneIn Radio


This radio and music application gives users access to over one hundred thousand radio stations worldwide. The stations include all media categories, sports, talk shows, news broadcasts, live broadcasts, music and entertainment. Local Jamaica based stations such as ZIP FM and Sun City FM can be streamed through the app.


13. Clean Master


The Clean Master application is mainly for Android OS although you will find various versions or similar apps for other platforms. Download from the Google Play for Android to ensure you have the correct Clean Master. It has been proven to be the best app to maintain an Android phone's system; to clean junk files, provide antivirus performance and real time protection for information stored on the device.


14. Remote Desktop


Microsoft knew what they were doing when they came up with this app that allows users to access their desktop / Windows PC at home while at work or on the road. There are a few issues for Windows 10 users such as the lack of secondary display or slow restart / recovery time. None the less, it makes it easy to do task such as transferring important files, accessing work resources from long distance and checking on the progress of Desktop operations.