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Analyst: Call elections now Portia ... not to would be a big mistake

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 7:05 PM
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Political analyst Kevin Obrien Chang says Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller would be making a huge mistake if she does not call the general elections now.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Karl Samuda, has been reported as saying the Prime minister would be making a serious blunder calling the election now, with polls showing her party with just a four per cent lead.

However, Chang says Samuda’s comments are unfounded and he notes that the opposition Jamaica Labour Party has previously gone to the polls in an even worse position.


Political analyst Kevin O'Brien Chang

Chang says the conditions are right for the ruling People’s National Party, especially given the positive impact falling oil prices has had on the economy.

Meanwhile, political historian, Troy Caine, says it’s difficult to tell whether this is a good time for the Prime Minister to call an election.

He says both parties appear not to be fully prepared, but notes that the PNP has traditionally been better able to quickly organise.


Political historian Troy Caine

Caine also points out that the PNP has a tradition of not going the full five-year term before calling an election.