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God must be central - Couple nears first wedding anniversary

Published:Saturday | January 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Alrick and Susan Pryce.


After 10 months of wedded bliss, happy couple Alrick and Susan Pryce (nee Gordon) are excited about their upcoming first anniversary and are hoping that all their plans for the anniversary will be fulfilled.

Not only that, they expect to have a lasting and joyful relationship as they have realised the importance of God in a relationship.

"In a relationship, God has to be in the centre. The more you honour God, it's the more you honour your spouse," Alrick said. "Whether you are married or not, if you honour God enough, you will know that God is love, so you have to eventually love back."

For Susan, with God in the midst, challenges can be overcome.

"It has been a challenge, but with God, all things are possible. You just have to put your trust in the Lord and it will work," she declared.

And the relationship is working. "I'm loving it and I'm enjoying it!" she exclaimed.

The couple, living in separate parishes, were involved for almost two years before they got married and, according to Alrick, there are some ingredients that are necessary to ensure a successful relationship.

"Number one for me is trust," he emphasised. "You have to trust each other. It's one of the main things. Another thing, you have to learn to compromise, and, of course, love."

"Compromise! For example, you have a meeting at eight, she has to pick up something from somebody at eight, but there is only one car. You could say, alright baby this is how we're going to do it, you might have load to lift while I won't so I'm going to take a taxi, I'll leave extra early so I can reach my destination on time. You can compromise, as simply as that, just to make it work.

"And then when she leaves out, you have to believe she is going to do what she says she is going to do, so that's where the trust comes in. You have to love her enough to trust her too.

"So I would say love, trust and being able to compromise are the main three things that work for me," Alrick pointed out.

When it comes to disagreements and arguments, understanding each other is important, he explained.

"No relationship is perfect, so if it's a case where something has to be argued over, one person can talk first while the other listens because two bulls cannot reign in one pen.

"You have to have one that is water and one that is fire; so in case the fire gets to over 180 degrees, the water is there to cool it.

"And it is still going to come back to compromising. Sometimes you have to listen the other person's views and argue it out the right way, let her argue her views, let her talk. When she is finished talking, you could say, 'Are you finished? OK, let me speak now. I was just trying to make this point come across, where, this is how I thought we would have dealt with it.'

"You can apologise. You could say, 'I apologise because I'm the one who started the argument. I apologise and I was wrong for saying this to hurt your feelings. You could go to that level and apologise if you have hurt the person. That's how I deal with it."

He also recommends this approach to people in relationships who might be having issues.

Obviously, it's working for the Pryces as, according to Susan, "Our first anniversary is coming up and I'm so excited - super excited. We have a lot of plans. I hope all of them fulfil."