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Jason Ramsay - Living life to the fullest

Published:Saturday | January 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Archaeologist, anthropologist, writer, artiste, Christian and husband, Jason Ramsay.
Ramsay: Keeper of collections at the Institute of Jamaica where he safeguards the nation's artefacts.
Ramsay believes that there has to be a balance between faith and work.

An archaeologist, an anthropologist, a writer, an artiste, a Christian and a husband, Jason Ramsay is the personification of the popular phrase, 'living life to the fullest'.

The 32-year-old is the Keeper of Collections at the Institute of Jamaica where he safeguards the nation's artefacts.

Ramsay came highly recommended as a man of God who has been doing 'big things' in society.

But as expected he was more modest than his admirers.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I have been doing big things. I have a bachelor's degree in archaeology and masters in social anthropology. I am a writer and published work in several local and international journals and presented on men who suffer from domestic abuse," he said as he told Family and Religion a little about what he has been up to.

Ramsay then described how this all came to be.

"I wanted to be a lawyer at first, however, my sister first me in that field and so I decided to turn to an area where little interest was and to see how best I could be a professional in that field. I also became fascinated in archaeology and anthropology after visiting the Institute of Jamaica and noticing the vast knowledge one could gain through the study of artefacts and the study of people and society," he said also revealing that there have talks that his job is unsuitable for Christians.

"Especially when I tell them of places I have visited like Revival settings, Kumina Sessions and Obeah Yards."

My job has not altered, but allowed me to see what others belief system entails and allows to me to engage in effective discourse especially where religion is concerned. I work in a cultural organisation with varying faith, opinion and belief systems,' he said adding that there has to be a balance between faith and work.

In addition to his hectic career, Ramsay told Family and Religion that he is a huge fan of reggae gospel which led him to actually voice songs of his own.

But unlike his occupational pursuits, Ramsay reveals that music showed up unannounced in his life.

"I was home and a tune popped in my head. I ignored it for several months till more songs and instrumentals came to me especially in my sleep. At the time, I just met Jprojek (gospel artiste) and told him about what happened and he said I should just go with what comes to mind. And like the cliche 'the rest was history" he said.

And though his life seems as if there is time left for nothing else Ramsay admits to being very active in church and quite the family man.

"I'm currently a member of Edgewater Baptist Church where I served as the Circuit Youth Coordinator. I have also been married for six years," he said adding that family is very important as he owes his life to a family unit.

This begged the question, how do you strike that perfect balance among family life, church and work?

"Good question. The things that are important in life you tend to find or make time for them. After a while it comes natural and the time and hours seem to fall in place," he said.

Ramsay expressed that his favourite Bible scripture states that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8) and that he applies this verse to his life as a technique to keep focus, steady and never waiver in both character and feelings.