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Seagate Wireless Plus: Living the Comfortable life

Published:Monday | February 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM

This year, I realised that I'm getting too old to be stressed. My age is off the calendar and my tolerance level is lower than my pay. These facts are leading me down a path that I like to call "too blessed to be stressed". While on this path, I realised that there are numerous gadgets and devices that can make a stressed tech life much easier. This week, we will explore one such life-changing device.


Seagate Wireless Plus


This device is what comfort is about. The Seagate Wireless Plus is a wireless 1TB external hard drive that can be used in many ways. The first time I saw this device, I was amazed! I couldn't imagine that devices like this existed. After the shock and amazement wore off, I tried out this wireless hard drive and was pleasantly surprised. This palm-size device needs almost no setting up to be used, and comes with tons of features, such as:

- Wireless connectivity

- USB 3.0 connectivity

- Web-based File Explorer

- Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Smart TV's, Game Console and Windows

- A battery life of approximately 10 hours

To further grasp the use of such a unique device, I tested it in some practical scenarios that most persons would be stuck in.


Scenario 1 - Wireless transfer of files


If you are like me, then you will always be in need of storage space. A tablet will never be built to store all the junk I watch. Now that I have the Wireless Plus in office, space is not an issue anymore. All large files and documents are transferred to Wireless Plus and stored for a later date. I also placed it under stress by having multiple users connect to it at the same time transferring files. It held its own under that stress test and proved victorious.


Scenario 2 - Streaming movies


There is also the age-old conflict between man, woman and child; the "I don't want to watch that movie" conflict we all go through. The Wireless Plus made life comfortable again by giving multiple users the ability to steam any media that was stored on the drive. So, wife can watch Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, while junior watches Dragon Ball Z, and I find the latest episode of Flash.


Scenario 3 - Smart TV


So, you own a smart TV that can play videos from a thumb drive, but you are fed up of walking back and forth from it to transfer files. I feel your pain, too, and that's why I tried to find a solution with the Wireless Plus. To remedy this, I left the Wireless Plus plugged in to the smart TV through USB 3.0 and accessed it remotely from a laptop to transfer and delete files. Now, I have less stress and fewer calories burnt.


Final Thoughts


The Seagate Wireless Plus is a simple device that has numerous ways a person can implement it in his everyday life to make it less stressful. It would also be heaven sent for a person that owns any 16GB version of the iPhone. Since those phones lack memory card slots, the Wireless Plus would be the perfect way to expand the iPhone's storage without much hassle.

The products mentioned in this article were provided courtesy of Royale Computers and Accessories; telephone 906-1067, 906-1068, and 754-5048.

- Payton Wilmott