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Labourites mock Silvera at JLP meeting in St Mary

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2016 | 9:42 PM

Gary Spaulding, Gleaner Writer

Joylan Silvera’s complaint to The Gleaner last year, that "St Mary has supported the People's National Party (PNP) but has not been supported by the PNP" has been used as the early mocking theme at a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) mass rally now on in St Mary Western.

In 2015, Silvera, the Member of Parliament, for the past four years, complained during a Gleaner tour, that although the parish of St Mary had always supported the PNP, it has, along with other eastern parishes been sorely neglected.

Labourites now gathered in Gayle, St Mary Western were urged to remember on February 25 when they go to cast their ballots that the rural town is among the neglected areas.

Silvera was described as a "bench warmer" who has also been missing in action.

It may be a remote township but the JLP signalled that it is capable of pulling out huge masses to its rallies as it steps up the pace in the race to the electoral line.

The road to Gayle is narrow, rocky, unpaved and dark in some areas but Labourites would not be deterred after motorcading through St Mary and St Ann to demonstrate that Jamaica is not all “PNP country”.

The town square has been transformed into a sea of green as the proposed JLP candidate Robert Montague seeks to flex his political might in front of Silvera's constituency office.

In 2011 Silvera wrested the seat from Montague.