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PNP says Seaga should focus on why JLP lost general elections

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2016 | 6:25 PMGary Spaulding
PNP spokesman Delano Franklyn and vice-president Angela Brown Burke.

The People's National Party (PNP) says former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Edward Seaga, should focus on the series of defeats endured by the JLP under his leadership and leave the PNP alone. 

PNP campaign spokesman, Delano Franklyn made the comments at a press conference today in reaction to Seaga's comment that the JLP would have wiped the PNP out of government if a general election was held last year. 

Franklyn told journalists he was not sure how Seaga arrived at his conclusion and called for the former Prime Minister to examine his leadership of the JLP. 


PNP campaign spokesman, Delano Franklyn

Yesterday, PNP deputy chairman, Anthony Hylton labelled Seaga an armchair politician for making the comments.

An armchair politician is understood to mean someone who has poorly based opinions and defends them with little evidence.

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JLP MP Daryl Vaz has said Hylton was disrespectful. 

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online on Power 106FM yesterday  Seaga said in November, the JLP was leading the PNP by a two percent margin that was destined to grow.

However, Seaga said the apparent delay in the election announcement affected the party's funding and its efforts to maintain the lead in what he calls vulnerable constituencies.