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Paulwell responds to Montague's ISIS comments

Published:Thursday | February 4, 2016 | 8:31 AM
Energy Minister, Phillips Paulwell.

Energy Minister, Phillips Paulwell has responded strongly to a suggestion by opposition senator Robert Montague that some of the fuel imported to Jamaica may have been bought from terrorist groups including ISIS.

Speaking at a Jamaica Labour Party meeting at Gayle St Mary on Tuesday evening, Montague suggested that some of the contaminated fuel now on the local market may have come from one of these sources.

But in a release last night, the energy minister dismissed the allegation as egregious, irresponsible and dangerous speculation.

He says it’s an attempt by the parliamentary opposition to destroy the country and create fear and panic.

Paulwell also says the allegations speak to the national security of Jamaica and countries with which it shares diplomatic and trade relation and deserves national and international condemnation. 

Paulwell further says if Montague has any information regarding the purchase of fuel from terrorist organisations, he should share it with the police and other relevant authorities.

He also wants the Leader of the Opposition and the Political Ombudsman to ensure Montague is appropriately dealt with and provide assurance that this type of conduct is not condoned.