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We need more than hype, Green tells young Labourites

Published:Thursday | February 4, 2016 | 11:25 PM
Jubilant Labourites at a JLP meeting in Junction, St Elizabeth

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter

Floyd Green, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) standard bearer for South West St Elizabeth, says the vast number of young people attending Jamaica Labour Party meetings is the greatest indication that his party is poised to win the February 25 general election.

However, he says the party needs more than just the hype from the youngsters.

"I want you to go out and vote," Green said while addressing a JLP meeting in his hometown of Junction, South East St Elizabeth.

"The young people are fed up of a leader who can't even give an interview," he said in a thinly-veiled jab at Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Green is seeking to regain South West St Elizabeth for the JLP in the February 25 election.

He said that there are young people who turn up at political meetings because of hype but don't vote on election.

"I don't want us do the hype and the excitement," he said.

The former Generation 2000 president will face off with the PNP's Hugh Buchanan in the upcoming election.

"I guarantee you we are going to take South West St Elizabeth," Green said.

J.C Hutchinson, a deputy leader of the JLP, said that a wipe out of epic proportion is on the cards.

"It has not been since 1980 that I have seen such a force come out for the Jamaica Labour Party in the parish of St Elizabeth," Hutchinson said.

The JLP won 51 of the 60 seats in the House in 1980.

Hutchinson is being challenged by the PNP Darren Powell, a former West Indies pacer.

"Dem gwine tired fi see me face," Hutchinson said.

"My bat is broad. And I tell him all the time....every ball him come it going right over the boundary. Six runs!"

Hutchinson said that political history shows that the party that wins South West St Elizabeth wins the general election.

"We have to take South West St Elizabeth. We have to take South East St Elizabeth and I feel confident that we are going to take these seats," Hutchinson said.

He said Green is "going to mek Buck (Buchanan) tun Duck" and Saphire Longmore is going to make Evon Redman a "political dead man" in North East St Elizabeth.