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Students tackle Zika threat on National Clean-Up Day In Schools

Published:Friday | February 5, 2016 | 4:03 PM

With today declared as National Clean-Up Day In Schools across the island, education minister Ronald Thwaites has urged schools to take the Zika virus threat seriously by ridding schools of mosquito breeding sites.

Thwaites participated in the Clean-Up Day exercises at the Calabar Primary and Junior High and Alpha Infant Schools this morning.

Characterising ZIKV as a public health threat, Thwaites said that children must be made aware of the dangers of the virus so they can develop proper hygienic habits. 

As promised Thwaites said the ministry is in the process of distributing mosquito repellants in schools.


Education Minister Ronald Thwaites

The Education Minister says he hopes students will share the information received from the Clean-Up Day exercise with their parents and community members.