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Manasseh Simms -- Answering God's call

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Manasseh Simms

Mandeville, Manchester:

"You got to move, you got to move, you got to move, you got to move, when God gets ready, you got to move".

The line above is from a popular song which is easily interpreted as one being unable to resist the definitive call of God on their life. Many have received a 'call'. Some have heeded while others are waiting for days they are not promised.

Twenty-nine-year-old Manasseh Simms, after a while, could no longer resist.

Growing up in Nassau, Bahamas, Simms was a curious child who was bent on finding out what the world had in store. After experiencing a few unfortunate incidents he began questioning his purpose.

"Often I would find myself opening things to discover how they worked or venturing into areas and places that I had never experienced before, all because of curiosity. That caused me to get quite a few bumps and bruises, but that's how I learned about the world. I grew up under the guidance of Christian parents who taught me biblical principles, but that still wasn't enough to satiate my curiosity about the world around me. So again curiosity caused me to receive quite a few mental and emotional bumps and bruises."

Receiving work at a construction site after his secondary education, Simms battled with the thoughts of pursuing his passion and soon left home for Jamaica to study computer engineering at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

"NCU was an exodus experience for me, in the way that I left my home and all that I knew, and by faith went on a journey alone that would change me and how I viewed the world and myself in relation to it. I prayed to God one summer and asked him to send me the answer if He wanted me to go. At the end of the summer I found out that I had been accepted, so I took my last pay cheque and bought my ticket to Jamaica. After purchasing my ticket I had approximately US$40 but I believed that God had sent me here."


He continued "I grew up from a boy into a man having to budget money properly, prepare majority of meals, tackle big projects and make major decisions alone. Many mistakes were made along the way, more bumps and bruises if you will, but that was a part of the experience."

After two years in the programme, Simms realised his pursuit no longer filled a void he had within and his transition to a whole different field began.

"Originally, I was studying computer information science but while I enjoyed it, I didn't love it, so after two years in that programme I made a switch. All of my experiences up to that point were just God's way of getting me to recognise that He had called me to Jamaica because He wanted me to work for Him."

He added "That transition was as smooth as one could ever hope for because it felt like things were finally in place. I grew up in church so I knew how things worked from a church organisation perspective but now I had the God connection. That caused my studies and my interactions with people to dramatically change for the better. I had finally found my purpose so life now had a direction and a meaning that I had never experienced before."


Simms said that since becoming a pastor the curious mind he has been blessed with is now used to discover new ways to introduce people to an experience with Christ, and with the Christian journey of his parents, one of his main sources of inspiration, the young pastor encourages others to heed the call of God.

"As I go through life, I personally discovered that faith in God is the most reliable, consistent and sure thing that we humans can depend on in this world. My advice to persons who have received the call is to stop running. Running only will lead you to even deeper feelings of isolation and confusion. Stop running and submit to the call. All the fears and doubts you think about will be washed away by the very real power of walking in God's purpose for your life, and I can guarantee that life will be better than you could ever imagine."