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Taking the message to the people in music

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The iWorshipp gospel group.

Hundreds of people poured into the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Cross Roads, Kingston, last week Saturday to witness the launch of the upcoming gospel group iWorshipp's debut album titled Can't Live Without You.

The iWorshipp trio - Gavin Hart, Alicia Taylor and Rhoda Addiman - started singing background vocals for popular gospel artiste, Jermaine Edwards, before branching off as a group of their own.

The group has been climbing the gospel entertainment ladder ever since its inception and the crowd at their album launch bore testament to the work they have been doing in the field.

Family and Religion wanted to know what it was like to be working together as a group. According to them: "Working together isn't really work for us. Being really good friends, it feels more like vacation. Certainly we do not agree on everything so a lot of compromise and sacrifice takes place," iWorshipp shared in a group statement.

iWorshipp compared their role in gospel music to the operation of Jesus Christ when He was here on Earth.

"In this end time we have to operate as the representatives of Christ. We may be the only Jesus that some people see. Our music must heal and set people free just as Jesus' ministry did."

The main aim of the group is to spread the message of the Kingdom in a very prolific and authentic way as they strive to show that Jesus is the answer.

The gospel trio is well known for the hit song Keeping Me Alive done in collaboration with another famous gospel artiste, Rondell Positive.

The song is also one of the 18 tracks that make up their debut album which they hope will send the message that it is impossible to live a life without Christ.




"The Bible says He causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. Even those who believe God doesn't exist are being covered and blessed by Him. Can't Live Without You comes from a place where we were all ignoring God, to a place of crying for help, to a place of searching for Him, finding Him, and loving Him so much that we crave more. It was composed from our hearts to the heart of God and we pray people are blessed immensely," they shared.

The group believes that gospel is lacking an overflow of the supernatural and hopes to play their part in changing that.




"It's (supernatural) there but not as heavy as it can be. We believe that through a song people can be raised from the dead, blind eyes opened and so on. It is a realm that we can all tap into and once a remnant rises up and begins flowing that way then others will be encouraged to climb as well," they said.

Under the management of Philbert Ward Jr, the group alongside Jermaine Edwards and Rondell Positive is on a mission to demonstrate God's Kingdom here on Earth.

They admitted to their pride surrounding the work they have done and revealed that the album is already doing well.

"A big thank you to our executive producer, Jermaine Edwards, for a spectacular job on this project. The reception of people about the album is overwhelmingly heart-warming for us," iWorshipp said.