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#JaVotes2016: ‘Half way down but not out’ – Paulwell supporter to the end

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2016 | 1:19 PM

Ryon Jones, Staff Reporter

Despite having lost one of her legs to diabetes three years ago, Elizabeth Maizouca said one of the things that gives her joy is to be actively involved in the political process.

Maizouca was out in her wheelchair to cheer on People’s National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament (MP) for East Kingston and Port Royal, Phillip Paulwell, as he was nominated at the Windward Road Primary School.

"Mi just wah show mi support say although mi halfway down, mi nuh out," Maizouca said. "Mi love the joy and mi like da experience yah and dah spirit yah.”

She continued, "Mi nah do it fi get a drinks or a patty or a bun. Mi love the enjoyment. All mi get is the T-shirt, but a my party this and a dah party yah mi say."

Maizouca said when she lost her leg three years ago she got support from the PNP and therefore had to come out.

"Mi live inna a community weh mi MP a di MP fi 20 years and a him mi say so mi nah gi him weh so," Maizouca said.

"Mi up and ready fi vote, mi have mi ID inna mi bag, so if a voting time now mi ready fi vote."