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#JaVotes2016: Politics babies ... pregnant women join in the merriment

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2016 | 12:54 PM
Twenty-year-old Cashina James (centre) and Amoy Foster right flanked by supporters.

Ryon Jones, Staff Reporter

Two pregnant women threw caution to the wind in Kingston Western today refusing to be left out of the merriment during the nomination process for the People's National Party's Joseph 'Bunny' Witter at the Denham Town High School in Kingston Western.

Twenty-year-old Cashina James, who is eight months pregnant, said she was born in politics and so will her baby.

"Mi born inna it, so mi come support and mi baby a born inna it," James said.

"A whole heap a support mi get from the PNP," she said.

Asked if she was not concerned about the threat of the Zika Virus, James said she has left that up to God.

"Mi nuh 'fraid a nutten. Is God mi put mi trust inna wid everything," she said.

"Mi miss the big meeting a Half-Way-Tree (on January 31), so this couldn't miss mi. I will even be working on Election Day as an outdoor agent." James' sentiments regarding the Zika Virus was echoed by Amoy Foster, who is seven months pregnant.

"Mi like the excitement. Not a thing nah do the baby. A same so the baby a come do it to," 23-year-old Foster said.

"Mi come out fi di excitement really and supporting Portia."