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Published:Wednesday | February 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Wynter McIntosh
Dave Brown



D.K. Duncan 6,853

Paula Kerr Jarrett 6,602

Vote turnout: 62.27 per cent of 21,699

Ballots rejected: 58

The majority of electors in East Hanover have voted for the political party that has been elected to form the Government on all but two occasions.

Of the 15 contested general elections, the JLP has won six and the PNP eight.

Independent candidate Joseph Zechariah Malcolm defeated the JLP's Greville Ribton Levy by 395 votes in the 1944 election.

The JLP then won the 1949 election by 2,142 votes, lost the 1955 election to the PNP and regained it through Arnold Jackson in 1959.

JLP candidates won elections in 1962, 1967, 1980, and 1983 (uncontested), while the PNP won the seat in 1972, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2007, and 2011.

The 2002 election saw history being rewritten. Then, Barrington Grey of the JLP beat the PNP's Lloyd Hill by 756 votes. The PNP, however, won most seats in the House of Representatives, making it the first time, in the constituency's history that it was not taken by the winning party.

History was further turned on its head in 2007 when D.K. Duncan came out of retirement and unseated Grey by 10 votes following a magisterial recount. Grey was the only JLP MP from the previous Parliament to lose his seat.

Duncan was returned as MP in the 2011 election after he stopped the JLP's Paula Kerr Jarrett by 251 votes. Duncan and Kerr Jarrett have quit representational politics, paving the way for two new candidates to carve their names in the history of this weathervane seat.

Wynter enters the election knowing that the PNP has won the marginal seat in all but one instance 2002 since 1989. But history is also against him as the last time the PNP used a sitting mayor of Lucea to contest the polls, he lost. That candidate was Lloyd Hill, and again the year was 2002.

There are 23,618 persons registered to vote in East Hanover.

- D. L.


Winning Margin


• 1944 - 395 votes

Independent Joseph Zechariah Malcolm over JLP's Greville Ribton Levy

• 1949 - 2,142 votes

JLP's Joseph Zechariah Malcolm over

PNP's Winsbert M. Grubb

1955 - 852 votes

PNP's Eric Campbell over

JLP's Arnold Jackson

n 1959 - 345 votes

JLP's Jackson over the

PNP's Winsbert Grubb

1962 - 1,224 votes

JLP's Arnold Jackson over

PNP's Eric Campbell

• 1967 - 1,200 votes

JLP's Arnold Jackson over

PNP's Donald Smith

• 1972 - 911 votes

PNP's Dr Aston King over

JLP's Donald Jackson

• 1976 - 150 votes

PNP's Dr Aston King over

JLP's Basil Buck

• 1980 - 2,994 votes

JLP's Buck over PNP's Dr Aston King • 1983 - Unopposed

PNP's Dr Aston King

• 1989 - 1,431 votes

PNP's Dr Aston King over

JLP's Francis Jackson

1993 - 1,687 votes

Francis Tulloch over

JLP's Horace Chang

• 1997 - 1,392 votes

PNP's Canute Brown over

JLP's Basil Buck

• 2002 - 756 votes

JLP's Barrington Grey over PNP's Lloyd Hill

• 2007 - 10 votes

PNP's D.K. Duncan over JLP's Barrington Grey

• 2011 - 251 votes

PNP's D.K. Duncan over

JLP's Paula Kerr Jarrett