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Disabled but not out...Woman says JLP is Jamaica's only hope

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2016 | 2:36 PM
Jamaica Labour Party supporter Olivene Moore.

Wheelchair-bound but not disheartened are the words that came from the lips of Olivene Moore, supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), who remains committed to supporting her party.

Moore, who was clad in party colours yesterday, was in a jubilant mood as she blew the green vuvuzela as supporters of Daryl Vaz flooded the streets of Buff Bay in Western Portland in a show of solidarity for their candidate.

"I am a Labourite until death! I am unable to walk due to a mysterious illness, which doctors are still unable to diagnose. However, I am out campaigning for my member of parliament. JLP represents the best hope for the people of this country, especially for young people. I received this wheelchair from my MP (Vaz), and despite that, my family are loyalist to Sir Alexander Bustamante party, JLP, for life," she added.

The disabled woman was also engaged in the selling of party flags and vuvuzelas, and pointed out that her household is all covered in green, even a three-year-old child, who she claims has already adopted the JLP sign, which involves the showing of the index and middle fingers.

"If you cut me, a green blood come out. A shower mi say and that caan change. Mr Vaz caan lose and I want JLP to form the next government. Performance over loyalty straight up."

- Gareth Davis