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Families rule on Nomination Day

Published:Wednesday | February 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Audley Shaw
Valenton Wint

Among the party supporters who gathered across the parish today were a host of families who were pleased that they had managed to keep their relatives in full support of either the Jamaica Labour Party or the People's National Party.

"From me know miself, me a Labourite, and my five children a Labourite. Election day, all a we a roll out; all me grandson a come out come vote. We nuh ramp. A Shower we say, all the way, we support our own," expressed Annette McPherson from North East Manchester.

When asked why she was so loyal and whether enough had been done to aid the development of the constituency, McPherson replied,

"You see when election come, we a go triple the vote dem. We nah sell vote. Two a di worst things you can sell a you body and you vote. [Audley] Shaw do everything fi we, so me nuh know wha [Valenton] Wint can come do."

She continued: "Him (Shaw) cut road, him boost the schools and training centres, him restore majority of the reservoirs. Shaw work fi di young people; that's why my whole family haffi roll out."

Expressing her ignorance at what Shaw's competitor can do, McPherson said that her vote will be beside the bell - symbol of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Similar to McPherson, a Peter Bunting supporter in Central Manchester, Pauline, travelled for more than 30 minutes with her family to get to the meeting point of Comrades for the nomination day procession.

Stating the importance of her family involvement as mere loyalty to one who has shown her kindness, the 72-year-old woman said she had a consistent business as a result of the MP.

"Mr Bunting has done several tings for me and me family. I am a chicken farmer and him supply me wid things from time to time ... . Me a Comrade all the way, man."

With full confidence that Bunting will be announced as the member of parliament for another term, Pauline said his competitor, St Aubyn Bartlett, was not a threat.

"Bwoy, me nuh know nothing bout him really. Me know him in the running, but that is as much as me know ... . One man fi di job."

With a peaceful and incident-free nomination day out of the way, Manchesterians said they were eagerly awaiting the day of election, when they call into power the party of their choosing.

- Tamara Bailey