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Morant Bay past students equip school with well-needed tools

Published:Thursday | February 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:

Some people use their high schools as gateways to

success, and the minute they walk out, they never return. Others, however, try to show as much appreciation as possible to not only the teachers that helped them through that particular stage of their lives, but also to the students who follow in their footsteps, sitting in seats in which they once sat and making notes of lessons they once learnt.

These grateful past students are the ones who form the alumni.

It was late last year the Morant Bay High School Alumni Association

(MBHSAA) hosted a weekend of fund-raising activities.

Money garnered from that weekend was put to use on Monday when the alumni donated a few items to the school's library.

Dwight Jackson, president of the MBHSAA, told Rural Express that the items were much needed by the library and expressed how pleased the association was to be donating them.

"Today, we have with us three computers, a laser jet printer, and two nano wireless expanders, as well as a subscription to The Gleaner archive. We find it very necessary to be making this donation to the school because, frankly speaking, it's long overdue because Morant Bay High School is the premiere secondary institution in the parish of St Thomas, and it has been doing well for over several decades.

It has been ranked one of the top high schools in Jamaica, and we think that everything at the school should be reflective of its recent performances," he said.

Jackson noted that the donation is just a small drop in the bucket, but the association plans to make further contributions to the school's library as soon as it is able.

According to him: "We as past students are very proud of our institution. It is not only our family, it is a part of the history of St Thomas, a very unique parish in Jamaica as it was the last parish to get a high school. And when we consider how far the parish has come, we can safely say that the progress is largely reflective of the

performance of the Morant Bay High School.

It's very significant what is happening here (at the school), and my members are very ecstatic to be a part of it, and we want to share in the success, and that's why we found it necessary that our fundraiser was used to purchase these items."

Jackson shared that subscription to The Gleaner archives is very relevant, as it will be very useful to the students who are doing research.

"We're just happy to be here as we found it a natural thing to do, as giving back is a part of our mandate as the MBHSAA to aid in the development of the Morant Bay High School," he said.

- S. M