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Young Manchesterian 'tun har han' mek fashion'

Published:Thursday | February 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
A model sports one of the hair pieces.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Jamaica is a hive for entrepreneurship; we creatively turn everyday wants and needs into a business. We are inventors by nature and with a little encouragement, many young Jamaicans will put those inventive ideas into action.

That is exactly what university student Devene Sutherland did when she started House of De-Va Bandeau line, and now she enjoys the benefits of starting her own enterprise.

With her lunch money, savings and encouragement from two friends, Patrice Clunis and Amouy Byfield, Sutherland established House of De-Va Bandeau a few months ago. From hair bows to bonnets, hair scarves, vintage headbands, baby and adult crowns, House of De-Va Bandeau continues to lay the foundation for amazing products.

"I had the idea of creating bandeaus for a year after discovering my creative skills of it. After

creating a few bows that I took to school, the interest of my friends and classmates in my creativity fuelled my engine to start driving a business from my creation, and that's how it started basically," she told Rural Xpress.


As a final-year university student, meeting deadlines of customers has been the Goliath in her business. However, being a David, Sutherland explained that despite the pressures of meeting deadlines, she always seems to satisfy her customers and get the work done.

With hopes of employing interested young people, Sutherland aims to expand her staff from just herself and mother.

Located in Mandeville, Manchester, Sutherland works from her home, and apart from social media as her main channel of audience reach, she occasionally hosts expos in order to create customer awareness and find out the needs of her current and prospective customers.

"House of De-Va Bandeau is not just for those with natural hair, but we design our products for all hair type," said Sutherland.

She continues to use her hand and create fashion with the hope of opening a store that only supplies creative durable hair accessories for women. With the constant involvement of God in her life, she encourages young people like herself to think big.

"Be prepared to fail, not all business ideas turn into the next big thing. In order to succeed in business you must be prepared to fail. You can learn from these mistakes, and these experiences will build up your knowledge and understanding of how business works and what improvement and adjustments you might need to make."

She added: "Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, use your skills and constructive imagination and just start, the little that you have might just be enough to 'tun u hand meck fashion'."