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PNP faces social media fury over debate pull out

Published:Friday | February 12, 2016 | 5:57 PM
In this 2011 photo, then Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller and Prime Minister Andrew Holness greet each other before the political leadership debate.

The People's National Party (PNP) has been facing the heat on social media over its decision to stay away from the political debates until the Opposition Leader Andrew Holness apologises to the Prime Minister for comments he made about her.

The PNP wants the format of the debate to be changed and also wants Holness to answer questions about his Beverly Hill mansion.

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Environmental lobbyist, Diana McCaulay, says she "will not" watch national broadcasts the People's National Party (PNP) plans to use to tell Jamaicans of its plans for the country.

"They (PNP) must participate in the debates. #disgusted #JaVotes2016,"  McCaulay tweeted.

Here are some other comments on Twitter: 

Emily Shields ‏@emilymshields: "PNP's current position - this is PNP country - people will fall in line. No debate we seh!"

Nadeen Spence ‏@nadzique: "On the whole I think Jamaicans are too lenient with the PNP, the leader of the PNP has decided not to debate and we are all so accepting."

Emma Lewis ‏@Petchary: "I repeat. Dear PNP, if you have so many issues, why not address them in a DEBATE rather than via a press statement and a threatened law suit?"

Durie Dee ‏@MizDurie: "What's the PNP thinking? As if it's positioning itself for a comedy revue of sorts. Like this election process is a game or joke to them."

On Facebook: 

Vahn Miller: "It's not sick, it's arrogance, they have effortlessly had the support of many Jamaicans, despite their inconsiderate performance. They've gotten away with all sorts of nastiness...why not this."

Oral Dukey Baker Williams: "Before I was born both side a throw words at each other so how comes all after a sudden its a big problem for the PNP? Just a few questions she can't answer and want my vote? Hell no"

Tasha Anderson: "Portia only care bout herself n har feelings... Unu nuh c a bc Andrew nuh apologize she dnt want debate!! She's being very childish n she's not setting no example.

Tasha Anderson: Portia only care bout herself n har feelings... Unu nuh c a bc Andrew nuh apologize she dnt want debate!!She's being very childish n she's not setting no example"

Kethlois Petrena Stern-Meikle: "So why Andrew Holness nuh just tell us answer the question about his assets and speak on the mix up they are obviously pushing him to admit to."