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Children are a blessing

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
PHOTO BY SHANIQUE SAMUELS Darnett Smith Richardson and her daughter Abbigail, and Reneiliah. Son Adonis and husband Peter are missing from picture.

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

Children are a blessing from God, and having them and caring for them is even more of a blessing when they turn out to be a wonderful bunch, as is the case of Darnett Smith Richardson's three children:- one son and two daughters.

"My first child, Adonis, is almost 16 years old. When I found out I was pregnant with him, I wasn't really ready for children, but then reality hit, and I started to plan for him. I started to picture how he would look, and what will he be like in life, and, naturally, there was some amount of anxiety.

When he was born he was so adorable, but he used to cry a lot," she said, as she recalled her first experience of childbearing.

It was also a whole new experience preparing for the second child, as she was expecting a girl this time round. "The experience with Reneiliah was different because this time I had to shop around for the pretty little pink girly baby stuff and, by the time she was born, I had forgotten some of what I had learnt in my first pregnancy, so I had to learn how to care for a baby all over again, since they are nine years apart, but it was good," she told Family and Religion.

"Soon afterwards I got saved and became a Christian, and later got married when my second child was two," Richardson said, lamenting that more preparation was made for the third child, who was born shortly afterwards.

Abbgail will be four years old in June, and it's a great feeling watching them grow up. This, too, was a totally different experience all over again, but I love being a mother.

I love being a wife and I love, absolutely love my family. I was realised that when children are in a stable family and a stable home, they tend to do very well academically, and so that motivates me to work harder to be a better mother, and wife, while trying to live my life according to the Bible."

Her husband-Peter Richardson, works away from home, but returns as often as is possible.

"I'm sort of used to being on my own, as I had some experience being a single mother of two. So now I have three children, I try to manage my time wisely.

"My whole life revolves around work, church and school (Bible college) so I have to try to keep a balance," she explained.

Planning is a useful tool so Smith Richardson even schedules rest time and stick to it as much as possible.

"When I expect my husband home, we plan how we will spend our time, and we do spend time together as a family to bond. He plays games with them, and although I'm not so much the playful type, my husband is very jovial, and so I will sit and watch him playing and telling jokes with the children, and that gives me satisfaction. My husband loves all three children, even though the first two are not, biologically his, and they love him a lot so that makes it a lot easier parenting them."

"I have realised we have so many problems with young people in Jamaica because of the depletion of family life. There are so many unstable families in our society, and I think this problem is stemming from a breakdown in the homes."

"Having children causes you to become more cautious in life, you think more about the future and you tend to plan and become more serious about life, knowing that you have people depending on you. You think about getting a home for yourself because you want your children to be safe, and to be well cared for and comfortable. Ultimately, the goal now is to achieve the most out of life, not only for myself, but also to leave some inheritance of such for my children." she added.