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Kellier looks to mould youth through sports

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Kellier looks to mould youth through sports

Veteran St James politician Derrick Kellier has taken on a new challenge, devoting time from official duties to mould the lives of young people in South St James through sports.

The skills he used to become a parliamentarian for six successive terms are being brought to bear in his new role of president of the reorganised, Tomorrow's People Sports Club, based in Bickersteth.

Tomorrow's People has an active membership of some 45 members aged 18 and over. "We are restructuring to ensure we have a proper organisation and to make sure that all their training needs are met," says Kellier. To that end, he recently presented the club's football team with new gear, including training boots and uniforms.

Attention is also being paid to coaching, the team's nutritional needs, medical support, and their personal development.

Kellier said the reorganisation came about because "the club had faltered and was unable to sustain itself" and, having given them support overtime, "I responded to the invitation to become more involved and bring a firmer hand to bear at the leadership level."

The new president said the club had been doing extremely well on the football field with little or no resources.

"Notwithstanding the fact that football calls for more human resources than anything else, unless they have the support services they will not make it to the big league," he noted. Having tasted successes at the super league level, the football team is now aiming for the Western Confederation en route to the Premier League.