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Nothing beats a day at the beach with family

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left, Gregory Douglas, Tannisha Cohen with her six months old son, Russell Lewis with his one-year-old son and Sophia Allen.

Our memories of the ocean will linger on long after our footprints have faded. - Unknown

When was the last time you gathered your family and made a trip to the beach whether nearby or out of town?

No special occasion, just acting on a need to be together with the ones you love the most in a very serene environment unconfined to windows and walls?

Yes, spontaneous family gestures such as these still happen.

Family and Religion was lucky to run into Tannisha Cohen and her family at the Lyssons Beach in St Thomas earlier this week.

"I'm here from Los Angeles, California, visiting with my family just having a day at the beach. I just felt the urge to be with them because I have a lot of memories here.

"My mom grew up here (in Jamaica) and my aunt still lives here. My cousin is here also and his one-year-old daughter gets to meet my son for the first time. My son has never been in Jamaica before. He's six months old and he's getting introduced to his Jamaican side of the family," she said.

The children reacted to the St Thomas waters with joy as they clung to their parents, the main protectors in their eyes.


"Family is very important! It's the highest of all hierarchy outside of God. It's God then family. It's been three years since I've been in Jamaica so this trip was long overdue," Cohen said.

Cohen's cousin, Russell Lewis, wasted no time in agreeing with her on the importance of family and how he felt to have 'his blood' in such close proximity once again.

"I feel good to be among my family because it's been a while since I've seen my cousin, so I'm really happy right now. Family means the world to me because it gives me joy," Russell said.

The cousins were joined by friends to help celebrate a peaceful, yet joyful outing at the beach.

A friend of the family who was also at the beach expressed that though she is not related by blood to Cohen and Russell, they have been friends for a very long time and would not miss the day for anything else.

The family travelled with their food and change of clothing as it became evident that they planned to 'kill the entire day' just chilling, on the shoreline, with the ones they love.