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Imani knocks Juliet over education by Internet plan

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 6:18 PM
Imani Duncan Price, the PNP's candidate for East Rural St Andrew with Damion Crawford, the previous standard bearer.

Imani Duncan Price, the People's National Party (PNP) candidate for East Rural St Andrew, has scoffed at suggestion from her Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) opponent to use the power of the Internet to boost educational opportunities in the constituency.

"The other lady, she said on TV that she has an online GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test) programme to help with the children," Duncan Price said.

She said it is clear that her opponent, Juliet Holness, does not know the constituency because an online-base GSAT intervention programme would not have a far reach.

"Wi nuh have Internet across the place yet so yuh caah do online GSAT programme and help the children. You have to know your constituents," Duncan Price said.

She said that if elected, she will run GSAT classes in the classrooms on weekends and that teachers would be part of the programme.

"We don't deal with play play politics. We deal with practical situations that make sense to our constituency. We know that with development and growth we gonna have the WiFi all over, but we not there yet," the PNP candidate said at a meeting at Harbour View in the constituency Friday.

Duncan Price also said she intends to create a skills bank and will be matching east rural St Andrew residents with the promised 100,000 jobs that the PNP says it would create if reelected.

"We want to modernise agriculture in our constituency," she said announcing that an agricultural training college will be constructed in the constituency.

"There is a college to come and do skills training in community centres all across our constituency," she said.

The emphasis on education mirrors an approach taken by former MP Damion Crawford.

Duncan Price said that people who participate in the skills training courses will be given City and Guild accreditation which is accepted in 70 countries.