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#JaVotes2016: Mixed feelings greet turncoat Labourite Laurie Broderick at PNP meeting

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 8:56 PM

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter

Turncoat Labourite Laurie Broderick has been greeted with mixed feelings after being introduced to a People's National Party (PNP) rally in Mandeville, Manchester.

Broderick, a former North Clarendon MP, who was elected on the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) ticket in 2007 has switched allegiance to the PNP.

"What a lovely feeling? Incredibly lovely feeling! I have never felt this love expressed," Broderick said having been introduced to the crowd by general secretary Paul Burke.

Burke told the comrades that favourite song of Norman Manley, the founding president of the PNP, was 'There was 90 and One'.

"One of our own has come back to the fold," he said of Broderick, whose father Percival, was elected to Parliament on the PNP ticket in 1949.

But amidst the horns were whispers among supporters that they are not glad to see another Labourite.

"Wi nuh want nuh flip flop. Mi nuh like flip flop," one woman said.

Another reacted to Broderick's "lovely feeling" comment saying "a same so (Karl) Samuda did say".

"Is better if me did see Joan Gordon Webley up deh," she added.

Webley and Broderick both contested the 2011 general election for the JLP and lost.

Samuda had joined the PNP in 1993 but left after one electoral term.

Broderick, seemingly unmindful of the unfavourable mutterings, said his dead father is happy to see him returned to the folds of the PNP.

"When I get home I heard my father said to my mother, Maggie, the boy come back home," Broderick said.

Paul Burke told the Comrades that there are many, like Broderick who want to "come home".

"Leave no one behind," he said while adding that based on the canvass numbers received from its 28,000 workers, "we are ahead of our target."

He warned, however,  that they should not become complacent in the 11 days to the February 25 election.

"Maximise every PNP vote in every polling division. If we work we will have a victory so big you will be frighten about it," Burke said.