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Politicians exploiting voters' ignorance, says Curly Lox

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 6:34 PM
Patrick Gaynor aka Curly Lox: "People are not interested in the details of the country's inner workings. "

Jamaica's politicians and their loyal supporters have been criticised by a Patrick Gaynor, a leading dancehall singer and songwriter who is one part of the Twin of Twins duo. 

Gaynor, writing in his debut column slated to be published in The Gleaner's Opinion section on Monday, ripped into Jamaicans for allowing themselves to be unthinking pawns in a game of political one-upmanship 10 days before the February 25 general election.

"People are not interested in the details of the country's inner workings. They're oblivious to the reality that they hold the power and that it’s they, the people, who employ the leaders to run the country," he writes.

"They know absolutely nothing of what constitutes economic growth. They don't know or care about the fundamental knowledge of their country or their rights as Jamaican citizens. The harsh reality is, most people are ignorant and loving it. If people don't know what to want, how can they demand it? They view the electoral process as nothing more than a glorified soccer match."

Gaynor, who performs under the stage name Curly Lox and is also an author and social activist, says voters should focus on the real issues and not be swayed by gimmickry.

He continues: "We celebrate symbolic victories while ignoring the disciplines and education that make nations great. These ignorant people confuse excellence in sports and music with excellence in all other areas. They will celebrate having a Spelling Bee champion when they themselves cannot spell. They will call the prime minister the worst names for speaking to them in the native tongue, yet they don't understand a word when she speaks otherwise. They're more concerned about how things look than how they are."

Read Curly Lox's full column in Monday's Gleaner.