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Inside the manifestos: PNP promises 10,000 jobs for youths

Published:Tuesday | February 16, 2016 | 1:59 PM
PNP president Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller addressing the party's manifesto launch in Kingston today.

With youth unemployment running above 30 per cent, the People’s National Party (PNP) has promised a special programme to get 10,000 youths into permanent jobs if it's elected to form the next Government.

The PNP’s job creation programme is included in its 2016 election manifesto which is being released in New Kingston today.

According to the PNP, the 10,000 jobs for the youths are part 100,000 new jobs it will create if it retains power.

Of those 100,000 new jobs, the expansion in the tourism industry is expected to create 40,000 permanent posts.

The jobs will be created under a programme dubbed New Employment Opportunities (NEO), which is an initiative to be rolled out with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

"Under this imitative, 10,000 young people will receive mentorship, training and job placement in special skills," the PNP manifesto stated.

The document notes that over a three-year period, Government lead agencies such as the National Youth Service, the HEART Trust and the ministries of labour and social security, in conjunction with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, will execute the programme.

The PNP said that more than 30,000 jobs will be generated for the construction of some 8,000 new hotel rooms and 20,000 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs will be created over the next three years.

The Jamaica Labour Party is promising to create 250,000 jobs over the next five years if it forms the Government after the February 25 general election.

Creating meaningful jobs, was also a key plank of the PNP’s manifesto in the lead-up to the 2011 general election.

At that time the then opposition party said it would use existing resources available to the Government, beginning with the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) to create new jobs.

“The focal point of the PNP Administration will be to grow the economy. We are confident that we have the right mix of policies to jump-start the economy in an environment of stable prices.

“These initiatives should provide the jobs in the numbers needed, reduce poverty levels at a more acceptable pace and improve the quality of life for our people,” the PNP had promised in 2011.

But there are conflicting numbers in respect to the jobs created under JEEP in the past four years.