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#JaVotes2016: Andrew disconnected, says Papine councillor

Published:Wednesday | February 17, 2016 | 9:53 PM

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter

Venesha Phillips, the councillor for the Papine Division in Eastern St Andrew has sought to counter a claim by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness that $3,000 can hardly buy grocery.

Phillips, speaking in Papine, St Andrew Wednesday night, said, having seen Holness' demonstration on the campaign trail, she gave $3,000 to one young woman and $4,000 to another.

Phillips then brought on stage household items which she said were purchased with the money and concluded that Holness is clearly disconnected.

"A step up time now!" she said. "Oil nuh buy inna plastic bag again," she said.

Meanwhile, Phillips is sending a message to the JLP that Eastern St Andrew is "PNP country".

"We not turning this back ... we going to give Fayval (Williams) a political backsiding," she said of the JLP challenger.

Phillips also hit back at Delroy Chuck, the JLP spokesman on justice for recent positions he has taken.

"You were the same one who told us that Andrew is not fit to lead. We trust you?" she asked.

Meanwhile, Peter Blake, the man who beat Damion Crawford in East Rural St Andrew during the PNP's internal election last year, has refused to follow the lead of the party's general secretary Paul Burke who has said he has dropped the Andrew Holness house matter.

Blake that he would be foolish to think that Holness' house is valued at $52 million as he has said.

"The wall alone cost $52 million," Blake said.