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Pregnant and powerful - JLP expects that Cuthbert-Flynn will take West Rural St Andrew

Published:Wednesday | February 17, 2016 | 12:07 AM
Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn and her supporters walk towards the nomination centre at the Stony Hill Heart Academy on nomination day, held last Tuesday.

Derrick Smith, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for North West St Andrew, has congratulated the party's candidate for West Rural St Andrew, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn who he expects to emerge victorious when the votes are counted on February 25.

"I hear another Labourite on the way," declared Smith in an obvious reference to Cuthbert-Flynn's pregnancy.

"What it tells me is the capacity of the incoming MP on all fronts. She is working in the constituency and she working at home," quipped Smith.

According to Smith, after running around, Paul Buchanan scurried to West Rural St Andrew.

"Mistakes were made by the Labourites and the result is that we ended up with a discard in West Rural," said Smith.

"She (Cuthbert-Flynn) is disciplined as she showed on the track for many years," declared Smith whose sentiment was echoed by the JLP candidate for North Central St Andrew, Karl Samuda.

"Cuthbert is the best choice that any constituency can have for a candidate," said Samuda.

"She is a small person with a big heart," added Samuda.

Desmond McKenzie, the JLP standard bearer in Western Kingston, declared that he always knew that Cuthbert-Flynn was a great choice even when others doubted her.

Buchanan won the seat in 2011 by polling 7,716 votes to send the then sitting MP, the JLP's Andrew Gallimore into political retirement. Gallimore, who won the seat in 2002 and 2007, polled 7,479 votes in 2011.