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Brian & Basillia eagerly await daughter's arrival

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The couple is expecting a baby girl.
Media personality Basillia Barnaby-Cuff certainly has the 'Glow'.
Mommy and Daddy to be, Brian and Basillia Barnaby Cuff.

Mandeville, Manchester:

'She's baking a cake! She has a bun in oven! She has received the gift! Oh, there's a baby bump!' are the possible reactions of several who realise their relative, friend, associate or icon will be having a baby.

Media personality, former host at Love FM, and now host at NCU FM and lecturer at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Basillia Barnaby-Cuff and her husband, senior sports producer at TVJ's sports network, Brian Cuff, are over the moon because in less than a month, they will welcome a baby girl into the family.

Having been married for just a little more than two years, Basillia told Family & Religion that, at the time, she found out she was pregnant, she knew it was God's perfect timing.

"We wanted to hit the two-year mark before a child came into play, which we have - enough time to bond and enjoy marriage a little by ourselves, while preparing and putting plans in place for the lil' one. The time we got pregnant, was close to the time frame we were planning for, so it all worked out in God's perfect timing."

Though a woman knows when her body changes, the mother-to-be was still blown away when she got the confirmation.

"I was sooooo excited! It's like I knew I was, before actually having physical or medical proof. I wanted to be sure before saying anything to hubby, though, even though he had a hint. I took two pregnancy tests, which gave negative results, so I just thought my anxiety was getting the better of me, because I was in the process of transitioning to my new job. I decided to go to the doctor, however, when I realised I had missed my period for a week. And surprise! I was indeed pregnant."

She added jokingly: "My mother told me the week before also, that I was pregnant. She called me one night and asked, 'You're pregnant?'. I said, 'I don't know'. She said, 'Well, I think you are, because I saw two big pretty fish in my dream last night'. Mother's intuition, I guess."




Brian then found out when Basillia packaged a teddy bear with a bib titled, 'I love daddy'.

"He looked at me with a priceless expression on his face and started to smile. No words. Then he said, 'You're pregnant?'. I said, 'Yes'. With a big smile on his face, he hugged me and we prayed."

But how well has pregnancy been treating her?

"My husband says I am the happiest pregnant woman he has ever seen. I am happy and excited about all the different changes, even the ones that may be a bother to some women. I have excitedly embraced the extra weight, as I have been petite, fewer than 120 pounds, all my life. I think some persons are confused, when they make a comment like, "You're getting so fat", and my response, with a huge smile is 'Thank you'!"

She continued, "Thankfully, I have not been sick, not even morning sickness. I don't have any cravings either. I just really like mangoes and round buns a little bit more and hubby makes sure the house is stocked with buns. As for the ankle swelling, it comes with the territory."

With plans to have a natural birth without the aid of an epidural, Basillia boasts that Brian has been the best husband during the waiting period.

"I have an amazing and supportive husband. He keeps me off my feet, and has taken over the cooking duties and chores, while I sleep or relax. He has really done his best to make me comfortable, and he keeps me stress free. We still do things we love to do, like watch television series, go out to eat, see friends, and spend time with family. Sharing the experience with family has really been a plus, and our families have been just an awesome source of support during this period. The care and attention is priceless."

"When it comes to the aches and pains and trouble sleeping, hubby is always up with me if my sleep is interrupted, always rubbing my back when I need it, always rubbing my feet, even if I don't need it, and always doing whatever he can, to ease the pain, where he can. Hubby and I also read a lot and share interesting videos or material we find on pregnancy and labour expectations, etc."




With many rumours heard about pregnant women and their physical and emotional ordeals, Basillia has come to find that many aren't true.

"Not everyone gets sick; not everyone gets a black neck; not everyone gets 'ugly'. I've heard that I wear it well. Not everyone has cravings - at least, I don't. Not everyone loses their sex drive completely. You can avoid stretch marks in its entirety by always moisturising. My take on it is: if you are to get them, you will. If not, great for you and no, you are not always miserable and start to dislike people you used to like."

With a sparkle in her eyes, Basillia expressed, "We have so much love in store for her; some she is already experiencing from in the womb. We can't wait to hold her in our arms and spend our years grooming her into a strong, God-fearing, confident woman, who will, one day, do the same for her child/children. My mother and I have such a beautiful friendship and relationship, and I am looking forward to having the same with my princess. I also can't wait to dress her up in bows and tutus. I will now have my own lil mini-me. We are so grateful that God has entrusted us with such a beautiful gift, and we are counting down the days until we meet her."