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UPDATED: PNP still working on most 2011 manifesto promises

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In December 2011, the People's National Party (PNP) outlined what it called '18 Steps to Full Empowerment'.

Just over four years later, the party has returned to Jamaicans seeking a continuation of the mandate it got in the December 29, 2011 polls. Below are the promises the PNP made to Jamaicans when it promised to 'tun up di thing'.

1. Negotiate a new IMF Loan Agreement to be in place only for as long as necessary and on terms and conditions that will lead to both the social and the economic development of our people. DONE

2. Reform the public sector for efficiency, especially at the customer-service level, both for citizens and for investors: ONGOING

3. Expand and re-engineer Petrojam through a joint-venture partnership to reduce petroleum costs and contribute to increasing national productivity: NOT DONE

4. Remove the general consumption tax (GCT) on electricity charges to ease the burden caused by electricity bills. PARTLY HONOURED (GCT charged on residential electricity usage over 350 kWh).

5. Establish near-shore ICT industries with the Mandeville University Knowledge Centre as the hub for education, training and job creation. ONGOING

6. Create meaningful jobs using existing resources available to the Government, beginning with the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP). PARTLY HONOURED (Over 60,000 short-term JEEP jobs created).

7. Lead in the fight against corruption by example, by the proper use of parliamentary oversight and by public education. NOT DONE

8. Engage the people through community structures in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of programmes which directly affect their welfare and development. UNCLEAR

9. Enhance community policing capability and forensic management to improve the security of our citizens. ONGOING

10. Introduce new legislation to impact positively on doing business in Jamaica. ONGOING (Jamaica jumped seven spots to 64th in the Doing Business Report 2016).

11. Renew the focus on facilitating small and medium-sized enterprises which make the greatest contribution to economic growth and employment. ONGOING

12. Work creatively with the private sector, the youth, cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organisations and institutions to socialise and equip the youth for employment and effective citizenship. UNCLEAR

13. Review the policies on energy and information & communication technology to ensure sustainability and growth in the manufacturing and service sectors, as well as greater efficiency in government operations. ONGOING

14. Restore the emphasis on early education and enhance existing initiatives under the education transformation programme. ONGOING

15. Provide an affordable safety net for the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) beneficiaries and members of the disabled community needing educational, hospital and other health services. ONGOING

16. Restore viable partnership structures between the Government and critical stakeholders, including the private sector, the trade union movement, the Church, the media and other civil-society organisations so that trust is restored; the Development Council will be restored to provide a forum for dialogue and consultation for the framing of economic and social policies. ONGOING

17. Extend the reach and efficiency of local government by giving legal personality to properly structured town and community organisations and requiring proper reporting relationships on the part of elected representatives. NOT DONE

18. Establish a National Council of Justice to formulate the proper administration of Justice and to protect and promote respect for fundamental human rights: DONE

(EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this article indicated that the item listed at #18, the National Council on Justice, had not been established. However, Justice Minister Mark Golding has since indicated that the council was established in 2013, is chaired by him and meets quarterly).