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Windsor residents get free health care from Rush Ministries

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jack Brady (centre) is flanked by Pastor Marc Pretchett and wife Stephanie.


More than 300 residents of Windsor, St Ann's Bay benefited from free medical care on Tuesday, thanks to a team from Rush Ministries out of Georgia in the United States.

The 13-member team, consisting of an eye doctor, surgeon, two physicians, six nurses, a nurse practitioner, and two pastors are on a one-week mission to St Ann and will visit other areas such as Priory, Lime Hall and Claremont while here.

Pastor Marc Pritchett said, Rush Ministries has been visiting Jamaica for about 22 years, and bringing items for about 14 years now.

"We bring things throughout the summer for orphanages, for construction, school ministry, crusades, feeding programmes, sporting events," he explained.

On Tuesday, at the Windsor basic school, residents, adults and children alike, came out in their numbers to access medical care.

The visit to Windsor did not come by chance. According to Pritchett:

"About 10 years ago, we were ministering with couple of the pastors, Pastor Moses, Pastor Maxo Dejanes, and the school (Windsor basic) is overseen by a ministry back in the US (out of Indiana), we know the pastor there so what happened, we started coming into this community and just loving on the people, giving them food and try to minister to them, giving them some type of hope outside of the hope that they know, (which is) Jesus Christ. We've seen hundreds of people come to know the Lord, it's amazing."

Amazing indeed, especially for 14-year-old Jack Brady from the community.

Last year, the Pritchetts took Jack, then 13, to live with them for a year in the United States. He was ailing at the time.

"We helped him to get his health back and then we brought him back," Pritchett disclosed.

"We helped him to read and to learn how to write and take care of himself. It's the first time we ever done that, but God impressed upon us to take him."

Now back in Jamaica, Jack says he now wants to go to school to continue his education.

Meanwhile, principal of Windsor basic school, Debra Reid-Brown said the health mission is going well and would move to other communities in the parish during the week.

She said around 340 people were slated to receive attention on Tuesday, including shut-ins with teams from the ministry visiting those who are unable to come out. She also expressed gratitude on behalf of the community.

"We give thanks to the Rush Ministry for doing this for the community of Windsor," Reid-Brown stated.