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Jamaica to dissect new climate deal

Published:Friday | February 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMPetre Williams-Raynor

Jamaica is, in the coming months, to assess the global climate deal brokered in Paris last December, before putting its final seal on it.

The first order of business, according to Colonel Oral Khan, chief technical director in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment, and Climate Change, is to educate stakeholders.

"We are at the stage now of sensitising everybody, and some internal sensitisation has taken place. We have [also] been in the media and will be rolling it out to the public as well, so they get to understand what the agreement is about - what obligations it places on us and on other countries," he told The Gleaner.

Thereafter, Khan said, "We will be taking steps, as soon as Cabinet gives direction, to ensure we can sign on to the agreement when it opens up later this year."

A part of that ratification process will be a full assessment of the deal, which is currently captured in a 32-page document.

"There is a whole process of review [that will have to be done]. The attorney general [for example] will need to read the document to see what the Government will be bound by, to ensure that those things are things we want to be bound by, and also [to look at] the implications," he noted.

Albert Daley, head of the Climate Change Division, attested to the work ahead, while emphasising the need to have the document thoroughly assessed.

"For this agreement, all the factors that affect any one area are not found in any one section. For example, there is one section that deals with mitigation and the general issues surrounding mitigation will be reflected there. But there is also a section on finance, and there is a link between mitigation and finance," he explained.

"So one has to look through the entire document to understand what each section is saying about the other and to get an overall sense of what are the implications of the agreement in the various areas," Daley added.

As such, in addition to a post-Paris meeting to be held towards the end of this month, he said the plan is to engage one-on-one with groups of actors.