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A model community

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM

New tax incentive

Residents of the Lyndale scheme in Highgate, St Mary, are the first beneficiaries of a new initiative that rewards communities for paying their property taxes in full and on time.

On Wednesday, Minister of Local Government and Community Development Noel Arscott and the local parish council opened the main road into the Lyndale Housing Project, which was resurfaced at a cost of approximately $14 million.

Arscott noted that Lyndale had been selected as a model community based on its residents' property tax compliance, which averaged an impressive 90 per cent.

He said: "The prime minister has emphasised the need for us to pay attention to rural Jamaica. We want to stem the rural-urban drift and for the members of parliament and councillors to ensure we gradually improve the infrastructure, so there will be no need for people to migrate."

Lyndale resident Rowan Silvera, whose mother led the campaign to get the road overlaid, told The Gleaner: "Today is very rewarding. At one point my mother thought of giving up, but when more people came on board and asked her to push on, she relentlessly continued and can now see the fruits of her labour.

"It just goes to show what can happen when citizens unite because there is strength in numbers. Each one, teach one, and the more voices there are working together, is the more the authorities will take notice."