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Roses for prostitutes

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston

Last Sunday, Valentine's Day, while many thought about what gifts they would be giving the love of their lives, and for some confident singles, it was a chance to pamper themselves, founder of the organisation, 'She's Royal', Crystal Daye she and her team decided to spread love in a unique way.

They took to the streets of New Kingston, roses in hand to remind prostitutes of how much they are loved by God.

Speaking to Family and Religion, Daye said the inspiration to reach out in this way came through the Holy Spirit.

"I was very apprehensive and questioning myself if it was God, but I got confirmation and peace about it when I shared it with my friends," she said.

One of her friends responded to the idea by saying it was something she always wanted to do, but was too fearful to try.

"Our motivation, honestly, was just to tell them that God loves them despite their situation and that there is a God that can change their lives if they allow Him and Valentine's Day seems to be the perfect day to do it," Daye said.

Armed with red roses, but uncertain about the kind of reception they would receive, they took to the streets.

Daye said her team got a surprise as the prostitutes were overwhelmed by their outpouring of love and acceptance for them.

"At least 95 per cent of them expressed how they wished they did not have to engage in that lifestyle and that they wish God would save them and help them to do better in their lives and for their kids," she related on the experience.

While some of the women were content to just take the roses, others used the opportunity to talk telling the team to reach out to other prostitutes and also to pray for them.

"One burned my heart when she whispered 'just pray for me please, because I don't want to do this'," said Daye.