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#JaVotes2016: More people got visas under PNP, says Hayles

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2016 | 8:29 PM
Hayles: One time people neva used to get visa, now every man, woman and pickney a get visa.

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

People's National Party (PNP) Region Six chairman Ian Hayles has listed the acquisition of overseas visas by Jamaicans among the raft of achievements under the regime of his party.

"One time people neva used to get visa," Hayles told Comrades in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay St James on Sunday evening.

"Now every man, woman and pickney a get visa," Hayles said.

Hayles, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Western Hanover who will be challenged by the JLP's Brian Wallace continued: "A nuff sinting PNP do!"

Meanwhile, PNP Youth Organisation President Andre Blair took to the microphone criticising the JLP's 10-point plan calling it a "careless and fool-fool plan".

"Dem feel say pretty promises can fool di people. But because of the policies of the PNP, the young people are well educated, so dem can't fool dem," Blair said.

"It can't work and it nah go work, because we nah vote fi dem," he said.

The JLP's generational mortgage proposal was one aspect of the plan which came in for criticism.

According to Blair, the JLP's mortgage plan would affect the viability of the National Housing Trust.

" Away with di fool fool plan," he said.

It was then on to the demand by Andrew and Juliet Holness for PNP campaign director Dr Peter Phillips to apologise to them for his comments about their house.

"The 'green man and him wife a run up and dung 'bout dem want apology, but di only apology dem going get, is a backsliding on the 25th," he said.