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Hanover takes the fight to mosquitoes

Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2016 | 11:04 PM

The Hanover Parish Council has launched a vector control campaign, beginning at Blenheim, the birthplace of National Hero, Sir Alexander Bustamante.

Secretary/manager, David Gardner, said that the council was partnering with the Ministry of Health, the Hanover Fire Department, National Youth Service (NYS), other agencies and groups to focus on high-risk communities, including Lances Bay, Tryall Gardens and Hopewell to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Blenheim, he said, had received special attention, with clean-up operations on the grounds of the Bustamante Monument Museum and the adjoining community.

"Thus far, we have done a lot of work in terms of sensitisation of our parish with cleaning-up activities and the cleaning of drains," Gardner said.

He pointed out that the sensitisation programme was getting the support of volunteers from the NYS, who have been trained by the Hanover Health Department and have been working in communities.

Gardner said the volunteers have been working to identify mosquito breeding sites and to make provision for further clean-up of those areas.

"We have also extended ourselves into the Blenheim area and in the upcoming days, we are going to carry out fogging of that entire area," he said.