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#JaVotes2016 Hyde supporters accept Portia will win locally .... But hopes national loss will push her out of politics

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 1:50 PM
Donovan Bryan

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter
Donovan Bryan has given up on the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) winning South West St Andrew from People's National Party (PNP) president Portia Simpson Miller.

He wants to see her back as Member of Parliament but is convinced he and other JLP supporters will have to wait her out.

But Bryan believes that the 70-year-old Simpson Miller may speed up her departure from representational politics if her party loses today's general election.

"If the Jamaica Labour Party wins this election we know she will step down and if we have somebody good we can put up we can gain back the seat," Bryan reasoned.

The JLP’s Victor Hyde is challenging Simpson Miller for the seat. In the 2011 election he got 553 votes to Simpson Miller's 10,420.

Bryan is hopeful the JLP can pick up at least 1,000 votes this election, arguing that there are several labourites and uncommitted voters who want Simpson Miller's 40-year reign as MP to end.

"We want a change. We know that Victor Hyde cannot win down here because it is a strong PNP seat now but if the Jamaica Labour Party should form the government we know she will step down and the JLP will have a chance of regaining this seat," Bryan said.