Sat | Dec 15, 2018

#JaVotes2016: Winning Westmoreland Central tough but doable - Wright

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 5:31 PM

Paul Clarke, Gleaner Writer

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for Westmoreland Central, George Wright, says although it may be difficult to wrestle the seat from he People’s National Party’s (PNP) Dwayne Vaz, is was not impossible.

"Today I am confident that the people will bring about a significant change in the politics of Westmoreland," Wright predicted, stating that the his confidence has been bolstered by the momentum that his party went into the election with.

"The process is a slow one, but we have a good team working on the ground to get our voters out from early this morning and so far, so good. There has been no area for concern," he said.

When the ballots are counted tonight, Wright is hoping for a shock win, in a seat that has strong traditional support for the PNP and will need to overturn the late PNP MP Roger Clarke's tally of 11,564 in the 2011 elections, which gave him victory over Marlene Malahoo-Forte who had 8,522 votes.

"It’s not impossible. It is a tough task but a doable task," Wright re-emphasised.

PNP: Dwayne Vaz
JLP: George Wright