Sun | Dec 16, 2018

#JaVotes2016: Woman escapes arrest over vote

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 6:51 PM

An elderly voter narrowly escaped arrest after she was involved in an altercation with election day workers at a polling division in the St Andrew, south-eastern constituency.

According to election day workers at a polling station housed at the Jaycee’s headquarters on Altamont Crescent in New Kingston, the woman cast her vote and proceeded to tear-off the counter seal on the ballot; a job, which should have been done exclusively by election day workers.

As a consequence, the woman was informed her vote had been voided.

She asked if she could take the ballot from the polling station home, however, this was refused. This was when the altercation started and the police were called.

As a result, the woman, who wishes to be anonymous was unable to vote.

The Jaycee’s polling station on Altamont Crescent was among the least visited by voters within that constituency.