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#JaVotes2016:Slow voting in Hanover Eastern

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 6:29 PM


Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

While voting was slow and the vibe lacklustre up to midday in the upland sections of Hanover Eastern, which fall in the Sandy Bay and Hopewell Divisions; it was a huge contrast at the Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High School in the small seaside town.

Very few voters were spotted at polling stations in Jericho, Pondside, Retrieve, Cold Spring, Cascade, and Great Valley communities which fall in the Sandy Day Division.

However, Sandy Bay was bustling with activity as party supporters and observers converged in small pockets at the Sandy Bay Post Office parking lot near the primary school which served as one of two polling stations for the community, which had eight polling divisions.

Polling division supervisor, Paul Kerr, told The Gleaner that activities started on time with no incident and all was calm. “It has been smooth and slow, with no incidents,” Kerr said.  

Further east in Hopewell, the situation was no different at the Bethel Primary and Junior High School where seven polling divisions were housed.

Taxi drivers could be seen transporting refreshment and voters to and from the school.  Polling division supervisor Arlene Daley said there had been no incidents.  She said the influx of voters was heavier in the morning period.

PNP: Wynter McIntosh
JLP: Dave Hume Brown