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Senior citizen marks 'X' for a change

Published:Friday | February 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

People vote for various reasons: some are diehard party supporters; some are sticking to their family traditions; while others vote on issues. But Inez Brown of the Llandewey community in St Thomas voted for a change.

"I'm a little old woman who see life already, but as for the young people coming up, I would like to see them progress. I would like to see them get promoted in the country. The young people need something to do. First things first. Although I'm old, I'd like to see them grow up in a safe Jamaica. The murdering, and so forth, has to stop," she said.

And though she admits that it is unfair to point fingers at a specific party for the level of crime in the country, Brown says that if more jobs were available, then the crime rate would fall drastically.

She remembers a time when she could walk miles away from home at any given time without feeling threatened.

"Those days were good! But those things can't happen again. The Devil finds work for idle hands and the young people are too free. As early as the morning, you see them sitting on the roadside rubbing out their hand middle," she said.

And because she hopes to contribute to making a change, the 90-year-old woman walked the 400 metres from her home to the polling station to cast her vote.

"My grandchild had to migrate after school because she could not get a job. I'm just hoping for the best. I hope to live to see it, too," she joked.