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Warmington celebration

Published:Friday | February 26, 2016 | 11:04 PM

St Catherine

Warmington celebration

As the news of Clifford Everald Warmington's victory became known in St Catherine South West the celebrations commenced.

In Old Harbour Bay scores of green-clad persons armed with metal covers, shakers, vavazoolers and even tree limbs took to the streets. "Shower, shower a Andrew we seh, it gone straight green we love it shower shower ," they shouted in choruses.

The crowd descended on Old Harbour where they marched through Lafe Street to the town centre and danced away the victory at Warmington's office. Then the throng headed towards Spanish Town in vehicles singing and dancing.

On reaching Old Harbour Road, in the vicinity of Andrew Wheatley's office a "sea" of green greeted them.

They danced and celebrated with wild abandon, shouting "shower" to all who drove by. The happenings were similar in the Tawes Meadows and Job Lane area.

Meanwhile, persons said that it is their prayer for a peaceful transition of power. "I am just hoping that everybody understand that it means hard work, I don't believe anything will come easy we will have to work," Mathew Tennant a businessman said. It was the consensus that the change will control crime as it is a deterrent to growth.

Rasbert Turner