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Can I get pregnant just by one act?

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2016 | 12:05 AM

Q Doc, what are the chances of causing a pregnancy by just having sex once, and only once?

I am an 18-year-old guy, and I have met a girl who says that we should try it just once to see what it is like. She thinks that doing it only once would not make her pregnant.

A: Well, she is wrong! It is quite easy to cause a pregnancy by doing it just a single time.

You ask what the odds are. Well, in general, the odds against a single act of intercourse causing a conception are around 20 to one.

In other words, you would probably get away with it. But you might not. Please bear in mind that if you had sex while the young lady was on one of her fertile days, the chances of conception would be very, very much higher.

The other factor to remember is this. Young couples often think that they will only do it once, and that will be that. In reality, what usually happens is that the sexual urge is so strong that they wind up by doing it again and again.

So if you want to pursue a relationship with this young woman, I urge you both to get yourself some safe form of contraception.

Q Hi, good morning. I had a baby on June 2, 2015. So when did I get pregnant, Doc? The child is now eight months old.

Also, people keep saying that I must not have sex before the baby starts walking. Is this true? If I have sex at the moment, will that somehow affect the child's ability to walk?

A: OK, let me first deal with this question of not having sex before the child can walk. This is just a myth. There is no way that anything you do now could affect your baby's ability to walk.

I suppose this story arose because long ago somebody wanted to urge women not to resume sex too soon after childbirth. It is a fact, that a lot of new mothers do have intercourse before their bodies are ready for it. After all, a woman's delicate tissues are often torn and bruised by the process of giving birth.

I wonder whether you have had a post-natal examination by a doctor or midwife? If not, I think you should get yourself a check-up now. The health professional who does the examination will tell you if your vagina is in a fit state to resume intercourse.

Turning to your question about when you got pregnant, if your baby was born on June 2 last year, your last menstrual period was probably about August 26, 2014. That means that you most likely got pregnant around the second week in September 2014.

But calculating these dates is a rather inexact business. So it is not often possible for a woman to say with absolute certainty that she conceived on a particular night.

Q Good day, doctor. I am a 19-year-old male, university student. I have little experience with the opposite sex.

Last weekend, I was standing in my swim trunks on a beach near Morant Bay, when a middle-age American lady came up and started talking to me. She wanted to know all about Jamaica, so I did my best to tell her. But after a little while, she asked me to go for a walk with her.

When we got to a secluded spot, she suddenly threw her towel on the sand, then took off her bikini and laid down. Next, she said something real coarse, which indicated that she wanted me to have sex with her - immediately.

Doctor, I was horrified. Although she was quite attractive for a person of her age, I really could not bring myself to do it. I am ashamed to say that I did take off my swimming trunks, but then I put them back on again.

Well, she was furious! She shouted all sorts of abuse at me, and made nasty remarks about my equipment. She mentioned its lack of size. Then she flung some money at my feet, wrapped herself in her towel and marched off.

I was upset by this episode. Why did it happen to me? Why did she think that I would give her sex? And should I be concerned about her scornful comments about my penis?

By the way, I gave the money to the first beggar I encountered on my way back to Mona.

A: You are obviously a sensitive young guy, and this experience has been upsetting for you.

I don't know if you realise it, but this lady was definitely one of those women of a certain age who feel the impulse to hire young male gigolos - that is, guys who provide sex for money. She clearly mistook you for one of the 'beach boys' who sometimes do that sort of thing.

You should pay no mind to the offensive comments that she yelled at you. She must just have been badly upset because she thought she had been rejected or scorned.

In other words, it was all a misunderstanding. Please try and forget about whatever she said concerning your sexual equipment. If you are fretting about your size, have yourself checked out by a doctor.

Q My menses have been a little peculiar since I started on the Pill six weeks ago. They have been quite short. Is that OK, doc?

Also, I am worried by the fact that I get occasional spots of blood coming from the vagina. This happens about every other day. Is it serious?

A: When a woman first starts on the Pill, it is common for her to get precisely the symptom which you describe - little drops of blood, appearing every day or two. This is called spotting, and it is normal.

What usually happens is that the spotting goes away after you have had the first three-four packets of the Pill. In other words, it gets better on its own.

But if the spotting does not go away after three or four packs, then you should see a doctor. She will almost certainly switch you to a next brand of Pill, and that usually does the trick.

Finally, you have noticed that your menses are already shorter since you started taking the oral contraceptive. Well, that is one of the good things about the Pill. In general, it makes the periods shorter. It also makes them lighter, and usually pain-free. So that makes them much easier to cope with.

Q Doc, I have never been too keen on the idea of giving oral sex to a woman. I don't know why. But last week, an experienced lady of around 26 got me to do it to her. And to my surprise, she orgasmed four times in a row.

So I would like to go on doing this for her. But also, I would like to know if there are any danger in giving a woman oral stimulation?

A: No, unless one of you has an infection. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea can be passed on in this way. Unfortunately, so can Human Papilloma Virus.

Also, do not give your new lady cunnilingus if you have a sore throat or a mole cold.

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