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Prayer changes things

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2016 | 12:04 AM


Norma Anderson has proven that prayer does change things because she prayed earnestly for a victory at the polls for the Jamaica Labour Party.

"Last night (Wednesday night)when the PNP started to curse us and say we going have to wear pampers, I go down on me knee and pray. I pray like a neva pray before. Mi say God duh, no mek PNP win else me cyaa go back a work tomorrow" she said, adding that "dem say we might s**t up we self, so dem ago put on pampers pan wi (labourites). But thanks be to God that won't happen" she said as her worried mood changed to confidence instantly. "Mi seh mi Neva know me coulda pray suh. Mi hold mi belly and bawl an pray and say fada God duh, no mek dem run me outta Frankfield," said Miss Norma with a chuckle.

Miss Norma voted for the JLP's Michael Stern, the candidate who challenged the PNP's Richard Azan for the North West Clarendon seat. Even though her candidate did not win the seat she is still celebrating because her party has been declared the winner.

The Gleaner caught up with her at the Trout Hall All-Age School on election day as she rallied voters in the community to vote for her party.

Miss Norma, who is a hairdresser by profession, has lived in the North West Clarendon constituency for more than 30 years. She has always liked the JLP's style of politics, and has tirelessly for the party. "It was very tough, I can't pay my bills or buy products so I voted for a change and I'm hoping Andrew can turn things around for the country and do better for us."