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Tamalcia J Blog Ministry – pushing the gospel through social media

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Johnson says that each publication of her Blog is directly inspired by God.
Johnson says her writing style is a reflection of the person she is.
Johnson hopes to use the Tamalcia J Blog Ministry, as it is labelled, to assist others.

If encouraging someone through experiences and spiritual insights is what you can do, then it is recommended that you do it to the best of your ability.

Pride and inevitable judgements aside, Tamalcia Johnson decided that she would work tirelessly and selflessly to spread the good news of the God she serves, and what better medium to use than social media?

At first, it was only a mission to overcome a fear she had.

"Last semester I don't know what came over me, but I decided to stop limiting myself. I had a fear of failure that would prevent me from even trying. I am able to do many things well but I only stuck to one: singing, because I was comfortable. Starting my blog was me stepping outside of self (and) set boundaries," she said admitting that now she knows it was all a part of God's plan.

So without a specific focus, she began writing and posting.

"In my first post 'A Glimpse of Who I Am,' I wrote that, 'From my posts you'll find where my passion and the greatest of them all lie, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45)'.

"Shortly after I began writing that's the path it took (spiritual path) and I love it," she said.

Her blogs are posted at and are later shared to Facebook where her friends and other potential readers may access.

Johnson says that each publication is directly inspired by God.

"I write about anything that I feel led to. I have a long list of topics on my iPad that I thought would be good to address, but they're still there. It's the ones that were placed in my spirit that I eventually wrote about.

"I also try to share personal experiences to help others that may have encountered or is presently in a similar situation. My latest piece 'The Battle of Wills' came about by both means.

"As a Christian it's imperative that we are led by the Lord and not by our own desires and ideas.

And as much as I haven't gotten perfect submission just yet, I have to keep making every effort until it's achieved," she said.

The 19-year-old Christian of two years told Family & Religion that she hopes to use the Tamalcia J Blog Ministry, as it is labelled, to assist others.

According to her: "Naturally, I'm helpful. I always want to fix things or make (things) better. As such, as a Christian I find great joy in uplifting other saints that may be discouraged, and the unsaved so that they may come to know the Lord and be saved. I honestly just have a great passion for Christ and I want to help build and advance the Kingdom as well as edify the body of Christ, through my service (ministry)."

Her writing style she says is a reflection of the person she is.

"Quite frankly, no deliberate effort is made (to make posts more reader friendly). I'm easy to talk to and whether I'm being exaggerative and overly dramatic as I often am, or being serious, I always manage to get my point across. I guess I just brought that same attitude to my pieces, being me," she shared.

When asked about her spiritual inspiration she responded: "Honestly, not who, but what. I've always been intrinsically motivated. So I'd say it's my passion for serving the Lord and pressing need to be aligned with His will. I want to please Him in all I do, I need to and I'll do everything I can, to ensure I'm doing that.

"I do have people I admire greatly where spirituality is concerned like my pastor, Marvel Francis; mentor Evangelist Kimola Brown-Lowe and a dear friend, Renae Townsend.